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5 Foods That Slow Down Metabolism

Sometimes we know certain foods are bad for us but we don’t know why. Sometimes we aren’t sure what the food is doing to our body. Here’s a short list of foods that you may not have known are actually signaling to your body to slow down metabolism and how.


Eating too much sugar causes your blood sugar to spike. When it spikes and your metabolism cannot keep up, your insulin levels rise accordingly in order to remove the sugar from the blood and send it to cells that might use it for energy. The increase in energy from the sugar is what we call a sugar high or a sugar rush. The problem is this. Your metabolism burns stored fat to get energy. When you have an overload of energy from sugar, which the metabolism detects by the increased levels of insulin, your metabolism stops burning fat for energy. Instead you body will store away more fat because it already has all the energy it needs for now and wants to save some for later. In this way, too much sugar slows, if not stops or reverses, your body’s natural fat burning processes.

Small amounts of caffeine can increase metabolism in. Here’s the dilemma. When you consume too much caffeine, from too many cups of coffee, energy drinks or even too much chocolate, your body will become dehydrated. When your body is dehydrated, your liver slows down metabolism in order to help the kidneys who will not function properly without enough water. Too much caffeine slows metabolism drastically. Resourceful site for more tips and ideas about wellness.

5 Foods That Slow Down Metabolism

White bread:

White bread, like white pastas and rice, is made up refined carbohydrates. That means the complex carbs have been removed and all that remains is simple, quickly digested carbohydrates. It’s bleached, removing almost all its nutritional value, and sweetened. Your metabolism slows because white bread is so easily and quickly digestible. Refined carbohydrates won’t keep you full either so you’ll end up eating unnecessary calories later. Best to switch to whole wheat breads and pastas. The fiber will fill you up and keep you full and your metabolism will work hard to break down the complex carbohydrates, burning calories in the process.


Drinking alcohol is drinking empty calories. It’s just a whole lot of sugar. I’m not going to tell you not to drink any alcohol. Small amounts of alcohol can promote heart health, but, keep in mind what alcohol does to your metabolism. The body doesn’t have to digest the alcohol so it doesn’t do any good for your metabolism. 90% of the alcohol is turned into acetic acid by your liver. Working on doing so distracts your liver from its other job, boosting your metabolism. But here’s the suggestion, if you’re going to drink, drink. Just don’t drink in excess if you want to keep up your metabolism. Drinking in excess will cause dehydration and that will substantially decrease your metabolism.

Diet products:

“Diet” products are low on calories but high on artificial sweeteners. Here’s what you need to know. You brain does a large part of the processing what you eat. Normally, when you eat something sweet it has a certain number of calories. Your body responds to the intake of calories by speeding up metabolism to compensate. When your brain detects something sweet but your body recognizes no calorie intake, your system becomes confused. Artificial sweeteners in diet sodas such as aspartame and sucralose for instance have this affect on your body. The result is this. At first, the body will respond by speeding up metabolism as the taste buds indicate that sugar is coming, but over time, your body will separate the sweet taste from the calorie intake. When this becomes the case, your body will actually slow down metabolism when you feed it “diet” products to preserve energy for actual calorie intake.

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5 Foods That Speed Up Metabolism

While you can last a few weeks without food, you will only last a few days without water. You already know water is a given, and you already know dieters are constantly eating grapefruit and tons of veggies. This is a short list of some great foods that you may not have known will speed up your metabolism and keep it burning fat for you all day long.


Almonds are the most nutritionally dense of the nuts. Eating almonds instead of other nuts will give your body the most bang for its buck. Almonds contain fiber, monounsaturated fat, and protein which keep you full longer than carb-packed or sugary snacks will. The monounsaturated fat is thought to keep insulin levels low, which in turn will keep you metabolism working speedily. The fiber keeps you full longer and digesting and metabolizing the protein takes more time requiring more calories to be burned in the process. Almonds will help keep you satisfied and keep your metabolism working longer after you eat them.

5 Foods That Speed Up Metabolism

Green Tea:

Green tea is recommended over coffee or black tea because it also has the caffeine one may be looking for in these drinks. The caffeine will speed your heart rate a little and communicate to your body the desire to burn calories faster by boosting your metabolism. In addition to the caffeine, green tea has catechins that have shown great metabolism increase and fat burning than is seen by caffeine alone. Packed with antioxidants, green tea also promotes heart health. Find out more: http://sfgiantslocker.com/want-know-lose-weight/


Cinnamon is a natural blood sugar stabilizer. Without explaining all of the scientific details, your insulin levels and metabolism are closely related. When you consume sugar and your blood sugar levels spike, your body produces insulin. Insulin is good in that it will transport sugar from your blood stream to the cells that need energy, but when your insulin levels increase, your body stops burning fat to get energy. Cinnamon naturally combats blood sugar spikes, keeping your metabolism working at top speed. Use cinnamon when cooking dinner or stir some into your coffee, tea, or yogurt.

Hot Peppers:

Spice it up! Peppers have a compound called capsaicin which give them their spiciness. Studies have shown that adding peppers to your meal can increase your metabolism by up to 25% for 3 hours after you finish eating! Plus, you are less likely to overeat if your meal is spicier. Habaneros, cayenne, and chili peppers will all do the job. Add them to your dinner or consider adding them to a hot breakfast dish.

Lean Meats and Fish:

Lean meats and fish are high in protein and low in fat. The protein in these foods will signal to your metabolism to get to work and stay at work breaking them down slowly. It will also tell your metabolism to burn fat and build muscle, not the other way around. When the protein is broken down, the result is amino acids. These amino acids will then build and repair muscles, organs and other tissues. The buildup of muscle tissue is important to your metabolism because your muscle mass will require and burn much more energy than fat. The buildup of muscle will keep your metabolism working for you long into the future.


3 Amazing Fat Burning Diet Tips

Do you want some good tips on a fat burn diet that works fast and effectively lose some serious fat from your unwanted area? These are a few diet rules you can use to an amazing effect. Rather than crash diets or starvation diets that is unhealthy and dangerous, simple modifications to your diet are more than enough fat burn diet that works miracle.

3 Amazing Fat Burning Diet Tips

  1. Do not eat anything white. White foods, such as pasta, white bread, pasteurized milk and cheese, white rice, most cereals, flour based product, white potatoes and most other white foods are forbidden during this fat burn diet program. Healthy food such as unprocessed cauliflower, chicken, fish, and turkey are exceptions.
  2. Drink only water and no other drinks. Drink a minimum of half your body weight in ounces a day: for example a 200lbs man should drink at least 100ounces of water a day. For 300lbs drink 150ounces and so on. For those who cannot live without coffee, a small cup of organic black coffee a day is OK. (sugar and creamer is white so do not even think about it). So drink plenty of water, step up your exercise program with some cardio and eat protein, whole grains and vegetables as part of your new lifestyle. You will be surprised how easy this is to do and how much better you look and feel. What are you waiting for?
  3. Do not eat anything with the word ‘WHEAT’ in its label, including whole wheat. Cereal, bread, and pasta are some examples. Always check the label of packaged foods as most of them have wheat in them.

There you have it, some really simple fat burn diet that work. Are you up to the challenge? Not that it is really a challenge as there is an endless list of foods that you can actually enjoy in this diet but the effect are enormous. TRY APPLYING THE RULES FOR 2 WEEKS and you will see amazing fat loss results in no time at all. Hundreds of people have used this tips to lose their first 10- 15lbs. Would you not want to be one of them?

Some foods are proven to burn fats better than others, so why not take advantage of them? Lean protein, whole grains and vegetables should be in your diet every day. They will burn that unwanted fat and keep if from returning. It is not going to happen overnight, but it will, with time and after all, we all have lots of time.


We Want to Know How to Lose Weight

How to lose weight is a problem that people have wrestled with more and more as our society has become more sedentary. There are some very interesting things going in society today related to Western culture’s overall fitness. What I find amazing is the fact that society talks such a good game about fitness and exercise, yet continues to get fatter and fatter. Back when I was doing one of my tours of low carb dieting, I recall reading that low fat food products actually caused weight gain. I don’t have the statistics here to weigh in either way really, but looking around, that idea does seem to carry some weight. When I was younger, I was pretty heavy and I stood out more than a heavy person does today. What I mean is, it didn’t seem like there were as many people walking around in the 70’s and 80’s with weight issues. At the same time our country has grown fatter, the use of low fat products has greatly increased. I’m not making any judgements here, just observations that don’t get pointed out often enough in my opinion. A quick check of Google stats shows amazing numbers of people searching for “how to lose weight” and quick ways to lose weight. SOMETHING is going on to cause all of this interest in weight loss.

We Want to Know How to Lose Weight

Yes, more people work at computers today, but there were plenty of people in earlier decades who planted themselves in front of the television and were just as inactive. I don’t remember being inundated with diet foods on television commercials until the 1980’s though. Certainly diet and exercise were topics of conversation in earlier decades, but if memory serves, not as many people had major concerns about it.

If you are going to start a weight loss program, it is essential that you come to terms with the fact that it is a life-long process. Of course you will eventually hit the maintenance phase, but there has to be a shift in thinking away from quick fix, fast weight loss solutions and toward long-term health benefits. Just as it is work to break a bad habit like smoking, bad eating habits have to also be replaced. Before you start losing weight, possibly take a few moments to consider why and how you eat. Consider how often you eat out of boredom, stressful feelings, or whatever reasons may apply besides actual hunger. You may surprise yourself when you see how often you eat out of sheer habit.

Consulting a physician is a must to rule out physical reasons for weight gain besides excessive caloric intake. There are legitimate reasons and concerns to be considered. But at least start thinking about what you are putting in your mouth every day as you start to think about how to lose weight. For additional information: Read more


Finding the Best Ways to Lose Weight

How many people do you know who are looking for the best way to lose weight?

How many conversations have you had with friends or relatives recently related losing weight, dieting, fad diets, miracle weight loss pills or something similar?

We live in a society (world?) that values physical beauty way more than we should. Honestly, I don’t know if there is a corner of the world where people are appreciated for their actions more than how they look. The optimist in me holds on to the hope that this place exists, but turning on the television or picking up a magazine can make that tough to do at times. I’m not writing this to save the world from vanity though. I would like to help some people get into better shape.

I have personally ridden the up and down weight loss roller coaster many times in my life. I’ve read tons of books. Friends have made fun of me because I actually took notes when I read them. Of course, I actually read encyclopedias for fun when I was a kid too. Actually, the notes were contained a lot of messages to myself about what weight loss methods worked and what didn’t as I tried to slim down again and again. I do not endorse any particular weight loss system because I’ve found that I had to find something that worked for me.

Finding the Best Ways to Lose Weight

Following someone else’s weight loss plan didn’t really work for me in the long term. I believe this is something that is probably true for a lot of people who are looking for fast ways to lose weight. Searching for the best way to lose weight is fine, but it is an individual decision that each person must find for him or herself if a healthy lifestyle is going to become a reality for you. That really should be the goal after all, living a healthy lifestyle is much better than chasing the next fad diet or looking for a magical weight loss pill that will make everything better instantly. I’ve made a sort of informal study of diet and weight loss. Please realize that anything I post on this site is just my own experience and shouldn’t be taken as weight loss advice. There are so many factors involved in effective weight loss and so many different diet plans for so many different people, that I would never presume to be qualified to advise anyone as to the best way to lose pounds. If you need advice, you should consult your physician or an appropriate professional.

Now, I can write about what worked for me and what did not. I suppose if I was starting over, I would concentrate more on being patient and not expecting super fast weight loss. Some people only need to lose 10 pounds, but that wasn’t me. I was obese by any definition of the word. The funny thing is, when I was at my heaviest, I wanted to lose weight the fastest. My impatience led to me trying several different diets. Most had some degree of success, but it was always short term success and I managed to gain the weight back (with interest) every time. I wanted to lose fat and usually some trigger had kick started me. That is another (not so) funny thing about the overweight situation. When someone says something hurtful or something really gets you down related to your being overweight, people often go off and do really stupid things. Some people drink, other people escape by drowning themselves in chocolate and other assorted “comfort foods”. Others still, go nuts and decide they will do a year’s worth of exercise in one day, burning themselves out and feeling terrible afterward. None of those methods worked for me, although I tried pretty much all of them. When you are hurting, it is easy to look for quick weight loss methods or to just jump into the deep end of your most destructive habits.

So, I can remember so many started and forgotten diets that it isn’t even funny. I honestly went through several years that seem just like a blur of one diet after another trying to figure out how to lose weight fast. I tried free weight loss methods and I tried weight loss programs that cost money. Some worked better than others, but as I said, the weight loss always was hard and I always gained the weight back over time. I’d find the weight loss plan of the day and jump into it, usually on my own, without any weight loss support or guidance. Most of the weight loss programs I tried didn’t make it past the first couple of days. I’ve always had an issue with food. I like to eat it and my body doesn’t burn it as quickly as some others’ do. To be fair, looking back, I probably didn’t give most of the weight loss plans a fair shot. Most advised adding a fair amount of weight loss exercise, I didn’t follow through because I just didn’t like to exercise very much unless it was doing something fun like playing a sport, and finding places to do that was usually a challenge.

One thing I never got into was weight loss products. I certainly tried several of them, but without much success. Perhaps that is why I never felt the temptation to try any of the stronger weight loss drugs. I never really felt the pull to go toward these, because even the mildest of the over the counter weight loss pills messed up my sleep and made me feel nervous. They also didn’t help me lose weight. Weight loss shakes left me hungry within ten minutes so I definitely didn’t stick with that weight loss plan. The weight loss shake idea never made sense to me. Maybe they work for some people, but they personally left me feeling deprived of food. That in turn got me thinking about nothing else besides eating food. I’m sure you can figure out the rest of the story. Fat burners fell into the category of weight loss products I was too nervous to take on a regular basis. Ephedrine and ephedra weight loss products were another item I stayed away from because it seemed that there were a lot of warnings about them. Get more products: www.wrapyourselfslim.com

Through it all, I think I understood that diet and exercise were the key to effective weight loss. I don’t know why I spent so much time, effort and money trying to find ways around it. Easy weight loss, in my opinion, is an oxymoron unless you are willing to be patient and look for long term weight loss. I did not want to accept this concept. I’m obviously not the only one to do this since so much money is spent on weight loss products every year as people continue searching for the best ways to lose weight.

I don’t think enough emphasis is put on the fact that in order to lose weight and keep it off, one must change their mindset regarding food, exercise, and weight loss at a fundamental level. Food is meant to keep us alive. It isn’t a reward or a way to fill any empty spot inside except for your stomach. I had to seriously adjust my thoughts and behaviors related to food before I could make any progress. The urge to look for new easy diets does not go away easily for some people.

Fad diets are a great example of people looking for an easy way out. It really is amazing when you look at the bizarre diets that people will try when they feel the desperate need to lose weight. I won’t list them all here. I’m sure I’d miss the majority of them. You have all seen them though as you walk through the checkout line in the grocery store. Celebrity weight loss is a great cover story for the scandal sheets. Women who were already skinny, eating nothing but _______(fill in the blank with latest craze) to lose ten pounds. Most of the fad diets offer so little variety and so many restrictions that very few people can manage to stay on them for more than a few days without falling off of the weight loss wagon. I had to just stop even looking at what was staring back at me in the check out lines. The people selling those magazines are in it to make a buck and they know that a lot of people will throw down a couple of bucks to read about celebrity weight loss. The quality isn’t always present, to say the least.

Everyone is different when it comes to losing weight, but I think just about everyone can benefit from weight loss support when they are trying to make changes in their lives. Switching over to healthy eating habits can be challenging enough. Having family that is not supportive can make things extra tough. That is one of the reasons why people are willing to pay money to have others listen to their weight loss trials and tribulations. If you live in a situation with little weight loss support, I hope you will be able to find some support here. Even if it is just posting a note about your frustration with the day or dropping a happy nugget on the world because you lost two pounds, at least you’ll have it out there.

There are a lot of guides out there to tell you your ideal weight. I don’t like that term too much. I think weight loss and physical condition is a very individual thing. I’ve got a different genetic make up with different tendencies for weight gain than other people might have. I do think some things make sense for the majority of people looking to get fit though. As I mentioned, for me, I had to find something that worked for my tendencies, likes and dislikes. Running for weight loss just isn’t for me. I don’t like to run as an activity in itself. For others, it might be great if a doctor told them to try that kind of program. Personally, I always had a tough time getting past the inertia that being sedentary brings with it. That doesn’t mean being lazy necessarily, some people have more active jobs and such than others. Of course others are just lazy, in which case, you need to find some weight loss motivation that lasts longer than the first hunger pang. A great side benefit of course was that once I started exercising, my energy levels increased and I wondered why I wasn’t doing it more often. Go figure.

Along with weight loss support, I found that giving myself rules (and writing them down) helped. Following guidelines that I set helped me to avoid the excuse of not wanting to follow rules set by a skinny person who didn’t understand how hard it can be to lose weight. I also started making myself smaller, more attainable weight loss goals in five or ten pound increments instead of focusing on losing a ton of weight. This made it easier for me to stay focused and motivated. Baby step goals were, and still are easier for me to stick to in just about any endeavor. That doesn’t mean I don’t have long term goals, it just means that I get some mini achievements to celebrate along the way. This is for anything, not just losing weight.

Finally, some other things I found that helped me included taking photos along the way so I could physically see progress. The photos were taken in the same setting and even in the same outfit so I had something to compare against. This also helped me to remember that I was losing weight for me, not anyone else and definitely not to “show” someone else. I’ll post more soon. Thanks for reading about what worked for me in my search for the best ways to lose weight.


Eat Slowly to Lose Weight

One of the main reasons why people gain weight when they seem to only eat the same size meals as another who doesn’t gain weight is because they eat too fast. Eating food quickly for whatever reason tends to upset the balance of the digestive system and results in a less efficient digestion of the food which leads to a greater proportion of that food being stored as fat. Of course, this is not the same for everyone, but most people will experience greater storage of fat if they eat too fast or eat on the go.

Eating food is supposed to be a pleasurable experience and one that is savored and time taken over a meal is considered as time well spent in cultures where more importance is placed on this part of life. When you eat slowly and place your full attention on the food that you are eating, your digestion gets to work at its most efficient pace and processes the food fully, leaving less to be stored as fat and more to be used by the bodily processes that need it. So how do you slow down especially if you have become so used to eating fast that you no longer consider the way you eat as wrong? Find more: http://greatist.com/health/ask-expert-will-eating-slowly-help-me-lose-weight

Eat Slowly to Lose Weight

There are one or two handy tips here that you can use to help you slow down as well as to actually eat less:

  • Always eat at the table and never on the go
  • Don’t allow any distractions at the table, such as newspapers, magazines, radio or television
  • Don’t have any upbeat music playing even if it’s soft or in the background
  • Put down your fork in between bites and swallow your mouthful after chewing it thoroughly before taking the next
  • Drink plain water before and during the meal

These simple tips can make a big difference to your eating habits and really help you to reduce the amount of food that you actually eat and the amount of fat that gets stored from that food. The main idea is to make sure that you spend more of your time concentrating on your food, the way it tastes, its texture and its aromas as you eat. This way you not only appreciate your food more fully, but you give your digestive system a better chance to do its job the way it was meant to do.

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How to Lose Extra Weight Naturally

Are you missing on opportunities or frequently facing low self-confidence situations due to that extra fat on your body? Let us trim it down for you. There are various methods for getting those extra pounds off you, but getting it down naturally is the best way to lose weight. Losing weight naturally is the safest bet, which involves a lot of determination and self-control. You have to make a plan and religiously stick to it. And, before your begin, it is made very clear that the best way to lose weight does not mean losing your muscle mass. It only implies losing extra fat from your body.

Cut down your calories:

It is the most emphasized point in any weight reduction program. Respect your body and stop treating it as a garbage bin. Pay attention to what you eat and check any inadvertent eating. Extra calories are the major reason for weight gain. Depending upon your daily activities, identify the number of calories you require and restrict yourself to eating high fiber food, which should total to the desired calories.

How to Lose Extra Weight Naturally

The best way to lose weight is by controlling your calories. But, this does not mean killing your taste buds. You can enjoy your favorite pudding or an ice-cream, but ensure that you take it in small quantity. Remember, this food is nice to your taste buds and not for your body. Hence, eat only a quantity that is sufficient to satisfy your taste buds and not to douse out your hunger. If you are able to master your dietary habits, you will find it is the best way to lose weight. It does not involve much effort as well.

Burn out that extra fat and relax your mind:

If you are carrying extra weight on your body, you will definitely feel tired while indulging into physical activities. Here, you will have to change your mindset. This is the most difficult part and calls for a strong determination from your part. Opting weight loss methods that by-pass physical activity are surely not the best way to lose weight. There is no substitute to physical activities and it is surely the best way to lose weight. Think of your body as a mind’s tool and sweat it out to keep it healthy.

The best way to lose weight and get in shape is to first assess your body. You need to find out the area of your body that needs an extra effort while working out. This will offer you a better body structure and far better figure. For example: men need to work slightly harder to build up their muscle mass while doing away with their fatty flab.

Apart from regular cardiovascular workout, the best way to lose weight is by concentrating more on body areas that have accumulated more fat. These could be areas like lower abdomen, thighs and buttocks. If you have access to a gymnasium and professional help, it is very good. Otherwise, you can take on regular exercises in an open area of your house or a park nearby. Walking is the best way to lose weight. Take on long walks with high paced steps. Try to walk faster than the average speed of people walking nearby.